Here are the repeaters that are in operation today in the Lynchburg, Virginia area. These repeaters use Motorola, and GE equipment combined. Their operation has proven to be quite resilient to lightning damage. Since these pictures were taken the 145.290 repeater was added and the power supplies have been changed to a more reliable configuration. Not shown here is the 145.290 repeater system.



Here are a couple of measurements made with an IFR 2393A that are used for a baseline reference when performing maintenance and testing. If you look at the frequency measurement and notice that the sidebands are not there, however when the system was first installed and connected to the antenna system, the PA tuning had to be adjusted to eliminate the presence of noise in the power amplifier stage. The root cause was a slight impedance mismatch between the bench testing load and the antenna system impedance. The difference was only 5 ohms.