DX Engineering. Really? Complete laziness. They just don't care about their customers.

Here is my email complaint to them. 2 strikes and your done. Who in the world puts a FRAGILE sticker on the corner of the box?

Hey news flash DX Engineering......that FRAGILE sticker is supposed to go on the TOP of the box!!! Maybe the tuner would have survived your horrible packing attempt.

Guess what? The meters are not functioning. What a waste of my time.

 Customer By Email 05/24/2018 02:12 PM
Once again, I must point out that your company DOES NOT know how to ship items. Especially $500.00 plus dollar items.

2 years ago I ordered 2 Rohn push up poles. DX never protected the ends of those poles and they came damaged because someone dropped
one of the ends and crushed it in.
I complained then and DX sent me a whopping $25.00 dollar gift card for my troubles. Really???

Now today I received two packages.
The RF Current choke was nicely packed. There was no shipping damage.

The second item was the Palstar tuner.
I do a lot of shipping and have shipped many many packages and not once did I have any damage reported. So if you go to Ebay and look up the seller MAXRFOUT,
you will see the wonderful reviews reflecting my packing.
The Palstar tuner should have been DOUBLE BOXED.
Lucky for you the tuner was not damaged physically, but if it is electrically damaged I will find out later today.

I am, to say at the very least, not happy at all.
When your company shows that little regard on how you handle the shipping of your products, leads one to only conclude that DX Engineering is not operating as a business that cares about their products
from one end of the sales cycle to the other.

Did you take your packing policies from Summit Racing? You ARE NOT shipping brake rotors here.

This is the second time I have complained about your packing procedures.

You obviously do not care what your customers point out to you, DX still continues the same old bad business practices.

If you would like to hire me to oversee your shipping department, let me know. Eventually I can train a number of circus animals to take my place once I am done there.

See the attached pictures. They will look good on my website.

Maybe you should sell your products through Amazon. They know how to pack and ship.