CRAMER-1100 CB ANTENNA Manual.

The only CB antenna of its’ kind.

Amazing Performance.

You will never buy another fixed location antenna again.

No more large antennas on your house.

No more masts.

No more complex and time-consuming antenna installations.

Easily hidden to avoid H.O.A. restrictions.


* "Plug & Play."

* 100 percent portable.

* Omnidirectional antenna.

* Antenna is one full wavelength.

* No Tuning required.

* Antenna length is 17.2 feet.

* Maximum RF power is 1100 watts.

* 1.5:1 VSWR for all 40 CB Channels. AM/LSB/USB/FM.

* Ground plane is engineered into the antenna.

* Super Easy Installation.

* No coils.

* Low noise antenna.

* Maximum RF power is 1100 watts.

* 1.5:1 VSWR for all 40 CB Channels. AM/LSB/USB/FM

* Highly isolated against lightning. Not lightning proof. (nothing ever is)

* Antenna length is 17.2 feet.

* Military design.

* Limitless possibilities.


* Portable or fixed installation.

* Great for hunting trips, camping or on vacation.

* Hang the antenna out of a hotel window, balcony, tree, gutter, chimney, deer stand, etc.

* Hide antenna in a fiberglass flagpole, in the attic, in a plastic/vinyl downspout, or garage.

* Quick deployment to get talking fast.

* Excellent for disaster/emergency preparedness.

There are 4 basic positions for the "Cramer-1100" Antenna. You can experiment with different configurations to adapt to your location.

Avoid hanging this antenna alongside a metal building or metal wall. The higher up the antenna is, the better.

Other items needed that are not provided with this antenna…

* Coax with PL-259 connectors (UHF) to connect the antenna to your radio.

* Rope.

* Electrical Tape.

* CB Radio.

* Silicone Sealant (optional).

* Right-Angle adaptor (optional).

   CRAMER-1100 CB ANTENNA Manual.